PSY 100L Reflection


This class wasn’t what I expected sadly. I loved psychology in high school. I think the human brain is an amazing thing. This class didn’t engage me as much as I wanted it to. It was great content because I am fascinated by this subject. However, the way it was presented was subpar. We just went through the powerpoint that came with the book. I find real world, interesting examples the best way to learn psychology. I am happy we had to take this class because I tried to learn a few things but I think I could’ve learned more.


President Ross Reflection

How many people can say they met the President of their university? Not many, but I can! President George Ross took time out of his extremely busy schedule to visit my LDR 100 class this fall. Dr.Ross was truly a pleasure to listen to. He told us about his life growing up and why he is the man he is today. He didn’t have an easy up bring and defeated the odds. He went to Michigan State University and University of Alabama. He has had the opportunity to work at 6 universities. He mentioned that CMU just has something special about it. While in our class he answered many questions and got to know the freshmen LAS class.

This past week I also attended Pizza with the President. President Ross visits all the part of campus every fall to see what the students are thinking. We asked questions and got free food! I asked specifically about our med. school and physicians assistant program. He told me a few success stories about how we are competing with large universities. He told me to keep my dream alive of working high up in the medical field. It was awesome! He really motivated me to kick butt in my upcoming finals.


Kards of Kindness

What’s a Fred? What does a Fred do? How can I be a Fred?

A Fred is someone who wants to make life a little easier for others. Someone who is a Fred does small random acts of kindness to help others. They do extraordinary things in their ordinary lives. Fred Factor is a book written by Mark Sanborn. Fred was Mark’s mailman. Fred always went out of his way to help Mark in any way he could. He didn’t do huge things to change the world but he did things that helped change Mark’s world. Mark was a professional speaker and started speaking about Fred. Many people realized all they ever wanted to do was be a Fred.

“One thing I do know: Fred, and the way he did his job, is a perfect metaphor for anyone who wants to achieve and excel in the 21st century. Truth is transferable, and the four principles I learned from Fred apply to any person in any profession. ” -Mark Sanborn

The Leadership Institute at Central Michigan University gave all the LAS 2015 recipients a Fred Factor book. In LDR 100, we were then told to become Freds. Our final project was a group project on being Freds. My group had many ideas but we decided to implement a random acts of kindness throughout campus. We all made cards that said things like “you are beautiful, have a great day, donate an old piece of clothing, and write a letter to an old teacher that you appreciate.” Some of the cards had compliment and by giving those out we were being Freds. Some of the cards had a random act on them which encouraged others to be a Fred. One of our goals was to brighten peoples day. We believe we did because we had multiple people thank us through our hashtag, #cmurandomacts. We didn’t change the world but we did make a difference in the lives of others and that’s what matters.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.46.50 PM.png
This was a Kard of Kindness I gave to someone in the library.