Yes or No?

I believe leadership comes from “YES.” I believe this because saying yes encourages others. Sometimes it is not easy to say yes to others. However, when leaders say yes to their followers, it includes them in the decision making process. Telling someone yes gives them power. They can use this power to change the world in a positive way or throw the opportunity away. By saying yes, we can only hope they take that yes and run with it to create positive change. Saying no doesn’t inspire others. No crushes dreams and aspirations. No shuts people down instead of encouraging them. Yes is motivating and inspiration. We have all been excited to do something or say an idea and got shot down with a no. It hurts and is very discouraging. Being told yes after expressing an idea is such a great feeling. You feel like you have achieve something.


“How Great Leaders Inspire Action”

We have all heard something similar to leaders inspiring action. However, I had never heard a speech quite like this. The Ted Talk we watched was not like anything I had really heard before. The speaker, Simon Sinek, talked about how great leaders inspire people by channeling why they do something. We have a part of the brain that controls why we do what we do. He explained that if leaders can channel that then they can persuade you to do certain things. One of the examples he used was Apple. They are highly well known and extremely successful. They are successful because they channel the “why?” in people. Mot companies can channel what we do and how we do it but not many take the time to know why people do certain things. Heck, some of them don’t even know why they do certain things. Apple is great because they can do both of these. That is why they sell more than just computers. Other companies are just as well equipped to make the products, so why aren’t they as successful? Because they don’t channel the “why?” in us. When channeling the why a leader is directly channeling the decision making part of the brain. If they inspire us, they can convince us. Personally I really enjoyed this Ted Talk. I thought Sinek had some really great points. Some of which I am fairly unfamiliar with. I think as great leaders some of us “speak” to the “why?” without evening realizing. This is what makes me inspiring.

Rape Culture Activists

Rape Culture has been something I have grown to be very passionate during the last year. One of my senior projects in high school was rape culture in America. When I first learned about the movie The Hunting Ground, I was so interested. When I watched the movie over Thanksgiving, it reignited a new spark within me. I really look up to the two women who started this revolution. The documentary is about Andrea Pino and Annie E. Clark, two former University of North Carolina students who said that they were raped while attending UNC. These two women went through horrendous things while at UNC and the campus did nothing about it. While watching the documentary I learned almost every school you can think of does next to nothing to protect rape victims. The two women are changing the stigma that surrounds rape culture in this country. They have done  countless hours of research to help women and men who go to university that don’t really have any interest in helping them. The film focuses on about half a dozen victims who went to some of the “greatest schools in the nation” such as Berkley, UNC, Notre Dame, Harvard, and Florida State University. These victims were shamed and silenced at their universities. Andrea and Annie did enough work to convince the Departure of Education to take their Title 9 case. Since their case, women at over 100 universities have filed Title 9 cases. Which means over 100 schools are being investigated for their lack of attention to sexual assault cases. This is revolutionary. These two women have done amazing things when it comes to sexual assault on campuses all across America and they aren’t close to be done. They created a website to spread awareness called and I would highly recommend you check it out and see how you can get involved.


Facilitating at Fraser

Over Winter Break, I went to my high school to help facilitate some leadership activities.  The President and the advisor of the HOSA chapter at my high school asked me to come in and help with Leadership Wednesday. Their goal for 2016 was to create more leaders within their organization. I was so honored that they asked me to help. I really grew as a leader while I was the President of the chapter my senior year. The activity I facilitated was Dream Boards for the upcoming year. Since 2016 had just started I thought it was a good time to set some goals and make them visible every day. Everyone really enjoyed the activity and they set some great goals.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.56.45 PM.png
Some Fraser HOSA members with their dream boards.