Leadership Philosophy

Leadership derives from a passion within. I believe everyone has a passion whether they have discovered it or not. I have always had a passion for helping others. I started small with things like assisting someone with school work or becoming friends with new students. By doing these small acts, I became a leader. This made me a leader because I was setting a good example for others. My small acts not only impacted the people I was helping but potentially the people around me too. Whether I inspired them to act or watching me made them have faith in my generation again.

Passions drive actions. As I have grown up, I have developed other passions. Some passions that have stuck with me are leadership, suicide awareness, and ending the rape culture stigma. These are all somehow related to my umbrella passion of helping others. Over time these passions have fueled many of my decisions.  I have gotten involved in organizations that find my passions important. I also put in the effort to educate myself and the people around me to help make the world a better place. Being a leader will help me achieve things that I want to see change in the world. Things like lower suicide rates and less “protect yourself” and more “don’t rape.” Being a passionate leader isn’t always easier. Sometimes you may be standing alone for what is right but that is what makes you a leader. Stepping up for what is right is how you spark change.

No great leader started as the best. They all climbed their way up to being successful by following their passions. Some powerful leaders that followed their passions are: Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Oprah. All these leaders started with an idea. An idea about how to improve this world. Their ideas and leadership have helped shape nations and inspire other people to go out and create a change. They are great examples of how a passion can promote change and leadership. Every day passions drive leadership in a way that changes the world for one person or an entire society. That is pretty inspiring if you ask me!