Michigan Youth Leadership (MYLead)

MYLead is an organization aimed to transform the lives of Michigan high schoolers. I attended the June after my sophomore year. It completely changed my life.

“Michigan Youth Leadership (MYLead) is about positively transforming lives of Michigan youth. MYLead is sought as a leadership development program of choice by high schools across the state. Our mission is to motivate and enable the youth of Michigan to continuously make a positive impact on their communities through leadership and service.”

Going into MYLead I didn’t know what to expect. When I first got there I was pretty overwhelmed. All the conference staff was loud and wild.I quickly learned that joining in made me look a lot less silly than just watching. I then met my GF, Jen Spellman, and CA, Josh Johnston. Little did I know they would become my biggest role models and we would change each others lives. I also met some of my bestfriend there. Throughout the weekend, I participated in many different group activities and listened to some amazing speakers. At the end of the second day we have an open mic where people can go up and express how they felt after experiencing the program. I went up there and poured my heart out. I had never felt to accepted and loved than I did there.

Just over three years later and I have been back to the conference three times as a CA. This organization continues to change me as a person. My groups has students have been great and they had so much potential. I hope I change someones life like my CA changed mine.

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