Pack your Back

Yesterday, I was asked to help create a non-profit organization. We are called Pack your Back and we are committed to collecting school supplies for cities in crisis. The current water crisis in Flint has created the need for many things besides water. These families are extremely poor. The poverty rate is 42% compared to the national average of 14%. So not only are these people being deprived of water but the majority of them are below the poverty line.

School supplies are something many of us take for granted. Every summer we get excited to go to the local Target and stock up on pencils and folders and think nothing of it. For many kids in Flint this isn’t the case. These families don’t have the money to buy food let alone schools supplies. Supplies are essential for the learning and success of students. It can hinder their learning and could be quite embarrassing to some students.

Right now we are at the very beginning of this huge project. We are creating volunteer positions and finding collection locations. We are also working on sponsorships so we can become an official non-profit organization. Our website is in the process of being improved and filling with information very quickly.

Long term we want to expand to a nation wide organization. We hope to help other cities as unfortunate disasters happen. For now we are helping Flint because it is close to home. All of the directors, including myself, are from Michigan. We all know at least someone from the Flint area. This is something we are all passionate about and hope to find others who want to help our cause.