The Start to a Miss Title in the MAO

This is just some insight into my first pageant in the Miss.America Organization and what it brought to me. It also includes what I hope to get out of competing this season and in the future. Growing up, I always had an interest in competing in pageants but never had the self confidence to actually get on stage. I finally decided to compete this past spring and was nervous from the second I dropped my paperwork into the mail. Little did I know I was in for the ride of a lifetime.

I showed up to the first rehearsal and knew absolutely nobody. I was dreading being the “new girl.” However, all the Miss contestants were so friendly and welcoming. Every rehearsal I felt more and more confident on stage. This was a confidence that I had never really experienced before and once I started feeling that way I couldn’t really kick it. Even in my everyday life, I started feeling better about myself.

Sharing leadership with the world was a huge reason why I loved competing. Not only in my platform but also in my talent, I got to show the judges and audience my true passion. The amount of influence and pure bliss I felt while giving my leadership-based monologue on stage was close to life changing. The fact that I had the courage to go up there in front of an auditorium of people and share something I love was unbelievably empowering.

This organization is so much more than the ordinary person would expect. It revolves around instilling confidence in women and girls. The promotion of friendship and family like atmosphere drew me in and is a fantastic part of getting involved. The organization prides itself on being the largest provider of scholarships to girls in the world, that is truly amazing. We also have donated over $15 million to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 10 short years. Being someone going into pediatric medicine, that fills my heart with happiness. To help the cause feel free to visit my donation page¬† This will not only help sick children but help me continue to compete.

Although I didn’t win and I experienced some technical difficulties at my first pageant, I don’t regret anything that happened that evening. I learned more than I could ever imagined and will never forgot the feelings I had that night. It is so thrilling knowing this isn’t the end. My next pageant is in just a couple weeks followed by another one next month. I truly can’t wait to get back on stage and try my hardest to show those judges all I have to offer. I hope this season to really get a grip of what competing is like and what it will take to make a difference in someone’s life if I were to win. My journey to a Miss title has just begun and I can’t wait to see all that this organization brings to my life.