Growing up a Fraser in Fraser

Fraser has always been something very important to me. Whether it was talking about my last name or my school district. I have so much pride in growing up in such a great community.

Fort Fraser- Anyone that grew up in Fraser spent many summer days at this park. Whether it was playing soccer or climbing through the wooden jungle gym.

Fraser Fair- This is the only thing that happens in Fraser every year so it is a huge deal. For four days everyone in the town comes together at the park mentioned above. The fair is usually hosted in mid-July. The weekend include a city parade with tons of different organizations and a fireworks show. Good luck finding anywhere to sit or park for the fire works because it is practically a local holiday.

El Charros- The “fancy” restaurant within the city limits. We have all celebrated at least one birthday there (if not more). Every Friday and Saturday I can guarantee you the parking lot and lobby will be packed with people laughing and chatting.

Meijer- Never go here looking like a bum. I have learned this the hard way. You can’t make a trip without seeing at least a handful of people you know… even at 2 am (trust me on this one).

Fraser High School sports- We may not have been great at every sport but we played hard. The town always packed in for the soccer, basketball, and especially the football team. The stands were always filled with fans cheering on the Ramblers.

FPAC- We are lucky enough to have an amazing performing arts program at FHS. We have been nationally recognized for many years and continuously win gold medals at festivals.

Our school district- We are actually one of the smallest school districts in the county. We have 6 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. We pretty much all grew up together. Everyone knows everyone’s parents, cousins, and life story. A lot of families have had generations attend FPS.

Fraser Soccer Club- If you grew up in Fraser, you played for Fraser Soccer Club at some point. Whether that was U6 as a little tot or on a successful travel team. Soccer is very popular due to the commitment of the volunteers. Every year they host a 3 vs 3 tournament that is so much fun. The majority of the club creates an endless amount of teams to play short, competitive games all day long. This day includes a lot of friends, food, and of course soccer games.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the place I call home. I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else.


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